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TBD Desert Camp Weeks for 2022 Registration opens on 10/15

Possible Historical Week

Century Week

10 Day Tour

April 2022 Western Route 66 scheduled for more information

More 2022 Tours have not been decided. Check back or subscribe to the newsletter for upcoming events

2021 Southern Transcontinental - Begins Sept. 8th

View Southern photos and blogs here

2021 Ghana, Africa Tour December Info here

Please read if you are bringing an E-Bike on PAC Tour

During the past few years E-bikes have become more popular with serious recreational cyclists. Many riders are asking if they can bring their E-bike on PAC Tour. Our PAC Tour policy is that E-bikes are welcome with a few suggestions and concerns.

1. Due the extremes of headwinds, steep climbs, riding speed and longer distances all E-bikes should have twice the recommended battery range needed for the miles being traveled each day. We have seen several riders run out of power before lunch time after only completing 2/3 of the daily distance.

2. Batteries should be removable and riders should bring a spare battery. PAC Tour does not have charging stations in the middle of the day. Some E-bikes are heavy when being carried to 2nd floor hotel rooms. E-bikes will not alway have ground floor rooms.

3. Riders should have the mechanical and electrical knowledge of how to maintain and repair their E-bike. Some E-bikes require special tools and parts to service their complicated internal power source and motor. Riders should have a working knowledge of how to charge and change batteries.

The Covid restrictions are changing and we to maintain the requirements of the region that we are visiting. It is the goal of PAC Tour to provide a safe and fun tour within the limitations of local virus restrictions. We are encouraging riders and crew to get vaccinated and if that is not possible then mask wearing and social distancing will be encouraged to those unvaccinated people. Everyone should bring several masks to wear when necessary.

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Altruistic PAC Tour Connections

New in 2020 PAC Tour now has a goal of raising $100,000 for ALS in memory their daughter - Ericka Notorangelo Haldeman. Read more about her life and how the Million Mile Challenge will be achieved!

Interested in making a financial contribution to Global Outreach that support these Peruvian schools -Joe Pulley School and the Jack Wolf School and the Ghana sewing project.

Send Old bike kits and gently used parts for Ghana and Peru Riders!