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PAC TOUR 2015 Events

Arizona Desert Camps

Week One Historical week has one bed left!

Mountain Tour has 2 rooms left!

AZ Brevets by PAC Tour

Jennifer Wise PBP Seminars on Century Week

Mark Thomas PBP Seminars on Mountain Tour

On the Saturdays of Arizona Desert Camp

ACP 200k on 2/21, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, and 3/21 

ACP 300 km on Sunday March 29th

ACP 400 KM on Tuesday March 31st

ACP 600 KM on Friday April 3nd

Registration is open at

Elite Transcontinental a quick transcon May

Pacific Crest Tour August waiting list forming

Southern Transcontinental Fall



Read about the Ghana Bike Tour Nov 4-17, 2014


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PAC News:

Bike Friday at the Historical Towns and Hotel tour during Desert Camp last year!

The scenery and quaintness of New England was perfect this summer. We had a wonderful time!